When it comes to the promotion and marketing of your business, we have one job – to get you loyal and engaged readership and in volume! At MY VOUCHER BOOK HQ, we make a lot of effort and take a lot of pride in the quality of our publications, social media and marketing. With an excellent balance quality and content, and clever distribution, our advertising rates are extremely competitive, so you get fantastic value for money, while still getting effective advertising.



Our team work hard on filling our magazines with local, relevant offers that give you an extra little treat. Whether it’s a rainy day or a chance to try something new, our Voucher Books can boast engaged readership. Keeping their Voucher Book on their coffee table, or in their bag, your advert has the potential to be viewed time and time again.

So what better to promote your business than in one of the fastest growing local publications in the town?!


With over 4000 digital subscribers, your advert reaches a targeted audience online as well as offline. Each month we email our full subscription list with links to all our magazines. Our goal is to keep our prices low and keep exposure to your advert as high as possible, so no matter how large our online subscription becomes, you will never pay more for your advert.

Social Media

We LOVE social media and maximise it as a powerful arm to our service. For the duration of your booking, any social media support you need, we will be happy to give.


Rather than a little news-sheet which is often the way people have promoted their discounts in the past, we’ve opted for a beautiful quality, perfect bound A5 booklet that is truly the perfect place to include your advert. We pride ourselves on great design and will be delighted to help you with your artwork so you really stand out from the crowd.


We are particularly proud of, and cherish those local independent businesses that make the high street unique. And so, we do as much as we can to promote them at an affordable price. Click the links below to see our advertising rates for each publication.


Sell our books in your store

Each edition of MY VOUCHER BOOK is relevant to the local community in which it’s distributed. For that reason, local businesses are invited to sell MY VOUCHER BOOK and profit from its sales. The average acceptable margin shop owners gain as profit from magazine sales is about 19%. We offer 20% of the sales price to all our stockists.

How stockists earn money:

Stockists buy in bulk the amount they foresee selling and keep their profit. For example: • MY VOUCHER BOOK costs £5 p/copy • 50 copies equal a gross income of £250 • The outlet buys 50 copies at £200 (£4 p/copy) but sells them at £5 each. • With £1 profit on each sale, using the above example could earn you £50

Become a stockist:

Becoming a stockist is an easy way to make extra income. If you’re pro-active, you could sell 2000-3000 copies every season, earning you £2000 – £3000 income.

Get listed:

Our stockists get a little extra attention from us. We LOVE to promote those that help us reach out in the community and therefore give stockists more promotion. Each stockist has their own listing on our website which links to their website.

You can check these our here:

Contact us today and we’ll supply you with everything you need to get you on a roll.


  • Our magazines cover areas where there is average-large disposable income.
  • We reach professionals, business owners, directors and academics.
  • We also reach senior citizens, retirees and students.
  • Young families and couples whose children have fled the nest, are also key targets for our publications.

“This is such a great way to promote my business. Who doesn’t want a free offer? Who doesn’t want to save money? We’re now a stockist of The Ipswich Voucher Book, so I’m looking forward to seeing more business come through our door. I’ll be recommending this to my friends and family that also own independent businesses in Ipswich.”

– Rav, Nacton Road Fish Bar.